I started reading your book ‘rescuing sprite’ as it seemed a lovely story but now it has become even more. I rescued my little girl ‘hunny’ 8yrs ago. She had been mistreated and starved and needed to have her front leg removed. We have been insepreable and she is like my right arm. She has been poorly since november but we thought it was just a urine infection we found out with everything else that she had only been born with one kidney (we live in boston lincolnshire UK) and call her our ‘boston bodget’. we found out that now it is much worse than that and our little girls liver and kidney are failing, we have been told that she has weeks-months to live, I am heartbroken and it feels like my heart is being ripped out.
I am just reading the chapter ‘a hard fall’ and never has a book got me to the point that I want to email the author but the feelings you felt feel similar to my own (and I’m sure you now get lots of emails like this) but it feels helpful to hear somebody elses experiences. I am continuing to read your book to help me in some ways. I and my partner have some difficult decisions coming up, especially whether to keep trying to fight to give her pills that only support her systems (not cure) or whether to just let her eat whatever and be happy!!
My story about hunny is much more than the end of her life but it seems to be the everything at the moment. It feels impossible that I will ever be able to make the decision that I know I have to make.
Kate from England