Henry James

I have the most loving and sweet boy named Henry James. He is three years old and a cockapoo and hasn’t a mean bone in his entire body. Henry James has ataxia, something that is common (I didn’t know until now) in standard poodles. He walks around like a drunk person and falls a lot. I carry him up and down steps and help him to eat and keep him safe from harm. I don’t anyone who has had a dog with this problem …I just know that it’s getting worse and I don’t knowwhen or how I will know ….you know…it’s time. I just cannot bear the thought of taking this most precious and sweetheart of a boy doggie into the vet where he will greet everyone with a wagging tail and kisses and put him down. He’s only 3 years old! He is loves everyone and is friends with everyone in the neighborhood…they all know him quite well. Some people tell me that he’s “only a dog”…but he’s more than that to me…he’s my silly precious Henry James. I was supposed to take him to the vet today, but I was afraid that they’d want to put him down today and I knew I couldn’t bear that…today being the third anniversary of my husband’s passing. Too much…..This is tough,
anyone know what to do? Thanks much.
Jan from MI