I post this with a heavy heart. Gracie, my golden retriever turned five years old in January. On February 6th I said good bye to her. It was peaceful and she didn’t struggle but it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Although I know she was suffering; signing the paper to authorize the euthanasia was a heart wrenching experience; it was so very hard knowing that I was choosing the day to say good bye to my best friend.

At age three Gracie was diagnosed with a fibro sarcoma (cancerous tumor) on her upper jaw. We had the tumor removed, her prognosis was guarded. The tumor reappeared within one month; her vet said she would live two weeks to three months. Gracie lived almost one year longer than predicted. Although struggling to breathe through her nose this last month; she was eating well and came to me every night to play; squeaking one of her puppies in her mouth.

A contractor who did work for us late last year suggested I take Gracie for a second opinion, which I did; to a recommended Philadelphia veterinary hospital. Unfortunately it was too late for her. Imagine how I felt when the Dr. said she wished she had seen her when the tumor; which had grown to the size of an orange; was the size of a quarter. I was told they could have taken half of her snout if necessary to get clean margins, but as I said it was too late, her tumor had already spread. If your dog is diagnosed with this type of cancer; get a second opinion with the best surgical specialist you can find.

Thank you Mark for including your listening audience in your life during the happy and hard times with Sprite, I remember listening to you on the radio during that time. My heart broke for you and your family.

Everyone who has lost a pet tells me it gets easier…

My friend gave me a frame with this inscription; which says it all for me.

A beloved dog can never be replaced, only remembered with love…

I have attached a photo taken of her two weeks after she had her surgery in her favorite spot on our property.

Lynn from PA