Dog Lovers

14 yrs. ago, I adopted a “puppy mill” Maltese. She was not well socialized and had many health problems that plagued her most of her life. She was never a cuddler , but remained close by to me when I was home. My husband told me she would cry and howl when I left the house.
At the end, when no more could be done for her and I had to take her to the vet for the last time, that precious dog cuddled up to me ,without the usual “white=coat” fear , and became the loving pet I had tried so hard to help her become. I brought her home and buried her next to my other beloved pets. I miss her so.
I now have 2 dogs that no one wanted: an English Mastiff with thyroid problems and a doberman/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix with severe hip dysplasia. Its hard to understand why we endure such pain and grief, only to do it all over again. Its the unconditional love and connection we have with our pets. There is no betrayal. —we listen to your radio broadcasts and admire your commonsense approach and patriotic stance. Besides, you are a dog lover—that speaks volumes in itself.
Robin from IL