My Old English Bulldog “Daisy” has lived with us since her birth. She just had her 10th Birthday this January. Over the last 6 months we have battled with Mast Cell growth on her hind leg. She has endured 6 operations, and they keep popping up in a new place. Now she has more that popped up where she already had operations. Today, I took her to the Vet, and we had had to call it….”No more operations.” This is such a hard thing to decide. She has so much life left. She is alert. Mast Cells give off a lot of hystemine, and also cause acid in the stomach. To relieve these symptoms, we have her on benedryl, and pepsic ac.

Daisy loves “Her beddy,” which is really our bed that she lets us sleep in. The only consolation that we have, is that the Vet is going to come to the house to put her down in the spot she loves the most. This is really hard on both my wife and me, because it’s so hard to give your dog that you love so much a death sentence. Mark, I think I am going to have to buy your book. I pray every day that God help us get through this, and most of all that he will take Daisy into his loving arms. We thank God for giving us 10 joyous years with her. The hardest part now is deciding when will be the right time to go through with this.

Mike from TX