Dear Mark,
I’ve never written to any one on the internet before, but I need to do this. I just lost my dog Chuey Dec 5,2008. My husband bought me your book Rescuing sprite. He felt it might help with my healing. Its taken this long to finish it. Chuey had become unexpectedly sick that friday my husband was away on business. I rushed her to the vet were she had surgery. I wasn’t able to stay with her because of circumstances, something I greatly regret, Igot the call saying there was nothing they could do. they put her to sleep. I promised her everything would be ok and I;d be back the next day for her.

The next day I was there paying her final bill. I sitll can see her little trusing face. I’d given her a kiss on the nose not knowing it would be my last. The pain is great. I sometimes think I hear her barking or snoring my freind said the same happened to her when she lost her dog. My Chuey used to do “crazy dog”. She brought alot of joy to our life. I miss her so much. I’ve also been told to get a new dog, but I’m not ready, But I know the joy so maybe someday. Thank you for your book It has helped. Chuey was creamated and is in a beautiful bronze container. I’m glad she’s close.Again Thank you.

Susan from PA