I just finish to read your book…Sprite seems to be in my house now.
Well, just a few words about my dog..a female named Christine.
I used to go often to the dog’s rescue house in Rome, Italy, when i saw two brown eyes fixing me every minutes..was a german shepard female, maybe 2 years old; she had some problems with the back right leg.
I bring her home with an happiness that you can immagine..another German Shepard, male, was waiting for her…
I tried to help her supported by a good veterinary with her leg but one day i found my apartment completley full of blood…she bited her leg and I had to amputeded it. Now, she’ s still with me, she runs, and she unfortunally getting older with the normal problems of her age.
I know I’ll se her die she ‘s 12 at the moment, but I never had such constant love and devotion as she gave to me every day. Dogs are angels to us..humans; we have the duty to threat them well.
thanks for the book you wrote, hoping your dogs are still loving you as all the dogs do to their friends: us.
P.S. Sorry about my not well written english.

Roberta from Italy

Christine is the one near the table, you can see only three legs…