I have always loved the beauty and grace of Dobermans. My Doberman Buck was from a home where he was abused. He was very shy and timid, thats unusual for a Doberman. Im a single Dad with 3 sons who were just little guys when Buck came to live with us. He was truly a member of our family and he loved us all as we did him. One of my boys is in the Marine Corps now, another in college. Just my youngest son who is a senior in high school and Buck were left.

Three months ago we found out Buck had cancer and would have to be put down. Ive had many tragedies in my life and Ive developed a very thick skin, but losing a loved one is so much worse when you have to make the call. My sons pleaded with me not to put Buck down, but he was in pain and suffering so I felt I had no choice, I can tell you it was the hardest thing I ever did. I thank God for the ten years we shared with our faithful friend. Ive attached a picture of Buck on his last day. I hope to find another Doberman, they are such a wonderful breed.Im not a person that thinks animals on the same level as people but I sure loved that dog and miss him dearly.

Greg from OK