Ben and Max

My wife Alison found Ben at the local animal control shelter in Arlington, Texas.  Ben was a skinny little underfed puppy when he was found along with his mother and sister dog.  We believe Ben is a mix of Yellow Lab and Ridgeback, but we aren\’t sure what else might be in the mix.  The shelter had already named him Ben, and the name seemed to fit when he was picked out by Alison\’s oldest son Brent.  Ben has been a great dog–is extremely intelligent–even to the point of figuring out how to open the rifrigerator door with his nose.  When we figured out who was eating all the food, we put the kabosh on that.  Ben has slimmed down nicely due to caloric monitoring and daily exercise.  As you can see from his photos Ben is now a very happy 7 year old pup in California.

Max (our Boxer) was found in a puppy store–On Sale because he was getting a little old for  a puppy–at 4 months.  Max is also very smart and an incredible \”people\” dog.  He loves to play with the other dogs (especially the ones that will chase him and vice versa) but he also makes the rounds to all the people to get petted and touched.  Disposition-wise, Max is like a Black Lab in a medium-sized (Brindle) Boxer body–the most agressive thing about Max is his tail wagging. Max is 3-1/2 years old.

Ben and Max are best friends and have proven to be easily trained and very obedient.

Randy & Alison from CA