Mark-I\’m an avid Rush listener and an artist who paints to talk radio so Im thrilled that I can now stream u. here\’s my doggie story. This is Beau a ten year old Border Collie who lives next door> The neighbors have a electric fence that goes around our yard as well. Beau is never walked and it breaks my heart to see him lay around all day. I had to stop walking him about 6 months ago because of a knee injury. I\’ve tried to guilt the neighbors into walking him but it\’s not working. Any persuasive ideas! I\’ve suggested they watch dog whisperer. There just not into exercising him. This dog really needs a farm with sheep! Love your show. Screw it! I\’ll just stop whining and keep walking him. Signed a Capitalist, Conservative, Right wing Conspirator Dog Lover.

Susan from SC