Wolfy, Lucy

1-7-2009- I just finished Rescuing Sprite. I had a wonderful Rottie/Black Lab mix I saved from the Humane Society named Wolfy 12 yrs ago. I had to make that tough but loving decision in May 2007 to make her suffering of cancer end with her in my arms. She fought until I told her in a firm voice “GO WOLFY” (I fear the tears well up as I write this). There still not a day that goes by that I do not think of her and what we’ve experienced together.

I wish she was still here to expeirence my new grandson, she loved children, gentle as a lamb with them. Although now I am a proud owner of a Pekingese, named Lucy, it’s not Wolfy. I allowed her to choose me was very selfish, I knew this breed could live to 16 yrs. At the time of Lucy choosing me I swear I would never ever love another pet again, but there she was all flat faced and curly wagging tail, how could any dog lover resist.

Lucy is a far cry from Wolfy in all ways, that still doesnt stop me from missing Wolfy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lucy for her own personality, just wish I could still have Wolfy too. I found great comfort in your book. Thank you so much for giving me the acceptence of grief and knowing others feel as I do and placing those feelings in writing to express they may be dogs but to those who love them, they are family.

Debra from NY