Wiley, Hercules

My son, Will, brought home a puppy last spring named Wiley. He was a tiny red colored pomoranian. At first I was upset that our other dog, a shi-tzu named Hercules, was going to be jealous and feel left out. It didn’t take long before we were totally in love with Wiley. He was always a happy puppy and you could always count on him to brighten your day, no matter how crummy it had been. As far as Hercules, it didn’t take him long either to be a “Big Brother” to Wiley. They became great pals. Well, yesterday, my son was taking Wiley for a walk, when he got loose from his collarand darted across the street. He was killed instantly when he was hit by a car. Will is feeling very guilty that it was his fault. Our whole family is devistated. We held a funeral last night and prayed for our little Wiley. I sincerely hope that he is happy and prancing around in heaven . We will miss him terribly.

Brenda from LA