On 8/14/2006, the most wonderful little dog was born. Turbo was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who had more personality than most people I have met in my 26 years. He would always pop his head up in the window when I’d come home from work, come bounding up to me, excited beyond measure to see me.
On 11/23, I took him to the vet because he had stopped eating, and couldn’t keep anything down. Later that day after doing x-rays it was discovered that he had eaten electrical cord, and it had caused strangulated intestines.
On Saturday, 12/13/08, two surgeries later, and after multiple weeks of hospital stays, the vet said that it looked like he would be able to come home on the next Monday, but it was never to be. At 2:15pm on December 14th, our little Turbo went into cardiac arrest and they were unable to revive him. We still feel his loss every single day, and will never, ever, forget the little guy that stole our hearts with simply one look.

Clint from FL