Teaspoon & Roscoe

This is Teaspoon & Roscoe. Teaspoon is a 15 years young mixed breed. I could never have dreamed for a better dog. Although I can tell his age is catching up with him he can still fecth a ball with the best of them. I recently got Roscoe he is a 6 month old Miniture Schnauzer. He is my playfull little boy Teaspoon sometimes doesn’t know how to take him but I luckily have a freind down the street that also has a puppy and the two of them will play for hours like best friends. I got this puppy for a reason I know Teaspoon will not be with me much longer. We have a few years at the most but I had one more job for him. He has been such a wonderful friend and companion I knew he had it in him to pass that on to the next generation. I am sure I will be a mess when it is his time to go but Roscoe has been given
the torch to carry on for him and I think we will be ok with that.
Kathy from OH