Sunny & Abby

I am 13 and before i was born my parents bought 2 yellow labs brother and sister the boy, sunny the girl, abby. well 6 years back sunny got a brain tumor and started seizing and my parents rushed him to the vet but it was to late…. now all we have is the sister she is 14 and the last one left alive in her litter we were close friends with the people who got her brothers and sisters. her names abby and she can barely walk anymore she drags her feet and falls. she cant get up we have to carry her around.

Its sad but my parents wont put her down because i feel it is cruel to kill an animal. she wont eat either. you can see it in her face, shes just terribly sad. a book that helped me get over her brothers death was dog heaven by cynthia rylant. anyways i am very sad about all this and dont know wut to do. you are a great writer mark i loved rescuing sprite.

Corey from NY