Twelve years ago we lost our family dog, a Spaniel mix. A year after that loss, we decided we were ready to add to our family again. I was 14 and my brother was 12. We convinced our parents to let us each get a puppy. They agreed without too much convincing. We ended up getting 2 Springer spaniels from different litters and they stole our hearts immediately.

Last April, on the day before she turned 11, we had to put the one that belonged to my brother down. She was just too sick and we could see it in her eyes that she was already gone. That was hard enough. But today, 1/17/09 we had to take my 11 year old Springer to be down. She too is sick, but I can still see that she is in there. She just doesn’t know why her body can’t keep up anymore.

I can’t believe how much pain is caused by the loss of such a beloved pet. But I know that all three of them are waiting for me and the rest of my people family in heaven. And hopefully that will help to lessen the pain in my heart right now.

Megan from ND