Shadow and Scooby

Well the frist two dogs I got when I was a little kid I was 7, I loved Shadow and Scooby I really came attached to both of them and I remember ever thing we did to the long walks by the river to just playin around when we all lived in the country. that year we move a few towns over inside the city so things for my dogs drastically chaged and yet they adapted to their new lifes and 7 years fly bye when things started to get terrible for Scooby, she started to suffer from a inlarged heart and a tumor in her throat I spend ever last second with her before my step dad took her to the vet to be put down.
I was so depressed i frogot to give shadow attention and that year I didn’t want to be attached like i did because I didn’t want to relive that moment like i did scooby, but I want to thank you because If i never found your raido show I would have know how precious these little animals are and now I spend ever second with her so I want to thank you mark for ever thing you do man, thank you… I couldn’t find any pictures of scooby but I have one shadow
Jordan from CA