Here’s a sad story from Williamston, NC. Early in the morning after a rock show my band put on, my cousin and myself went to the barn on our lands to put away some of the gear and hang out. Long story short; the barn is 2 stories with a large hole built in it for hay to be dropped to the animals. My uncles little beagle, less than a year old, fell through and his leg protruded through his skin. We found the little guy around 4am, freezing and hurt in the dark. I went to tell my uncle and he said he’d take care of it in the morning for Heavens sake. He was let Sarge die in the damned cold while in horrible pain. I called the humane society and got no answer, finally called the cops to see if they could do something. They told me to take him to Greenville, about 50 minutes away to the 24hr pet hospital. Both of us were drinking the whole night so we couldn’t and no one was willing to do that and we can’t afford the surgery.

I was just trying to get out of the responsibility of putting Sarge out of his misery. I never had to do anything like that before and I myself was freezing b/c I had no coat with me b/c I left it like a dumby at the bar we were playing at.. . . . It wasn’t a quick kill. . . . I was too dumb and sad and drunk to think of a clean head shot. 1st shot missed, 2nd through the ribs, 3rd head shot. I can’t get it out of my memory; I can see the hair burn in a small quick flame from the second shot and Sarge cry out. I was trying to do a good thing but mucked it up. Today I got to tell my nephew why Sarge isn’t around. And I’m pissed at my uncle for not caring enough to get out of bed to do the right thing. If you don’t love your dog enough to at least try to keep him warm in his last painful hours then why the hell do you have so many dogs that run around and in the street?
Thanks for letting me vent.

Dan from NC