Thank you for providing this blog for people to post their stories and express their greif about the loss of a pet.
Yesterday I lost my best friend and I dont know what else to do it hurts so much. I can’t stop crying. Roxanne was my 11 year old Boxer who was the love of my family’s life. My husband and two teenagers are so heartbroken. Everything we did she was included and was the topic of so many of our daily conversations because of her dopey goofy ways. She took over our household and our lives and we enjoved every second of it. At the end of the day we woud choose a laugh of the day because everyday there was something that she did
that we keep us in stiches laughing. Till the end she looked and acted like an happy energetic puppy trying to convince us she was ok but we noticed little signs of her slowing down and on Friday she had a siesure while my husband took her on her daily walk that she loved so much. She came thru that but others siesures followed and thank God we were with her comforting her in her last moments. I work from home so she was like my co-worker who kept me company and kept me safe letting no one near our home without her presence being known. I bought your book last year for my sister who lost her dog after a long illness but I read it first because I listen to your show religiously. I cried for your loss and because I knew I would be dealing with losing my Roxanne eventually. We couldn’t bear to bring a new dog into the home while she was here because she was such a diva she would not have allowed it but now I wish we had because this house is so quiet and lonely without her. We’re going to get a new puppy someday but it’s going to have some big shoes (paws) to fill because my Roxanne had such a great personality and was almost human to me. Sorry this is so long and filled with misspelling. Thanks for all you do.

Lisa from NJ