Princess, Agustus and Nikodemis

I have always been an Animal person, and at one time even considered becoming a Veterinarian. I strayed from that aspiration, and instead became an Engineer in the Health Care Profession (Bo-Medical Engineer).

I lean more towards dogs, and at present have three Black Lab mixes. The oldest is an eight year old female named Princess who is the love of my life. Her adoption was easy. I was in a pet store purchasing food for my bunny, when my wife came in the store and drug me outside.

There was a young girl with a bundle of fur in her arms. She was giving away a litter, and this pup was the last of them. It didn’t take long for my wife to convince me to adopt her.

About seven years later, a couple that lived on the corner of the road I turned into, to get to my place (I live in the backwoods of west Tennessee) divorced, and abandoned two one year old male Black Lab mixes to fend for themselves. Two weeks or so passed, and it broke my heart each time I made the turn on to my road. I would stop, and both would come up to my truck to say hi (tails a wagging).

Finally I had enough, and stopped my truck. As soon as I got out, it was if they knew they were rescued, and jumped right in the cab.

That was a year ago, and now they are two healthy happy two year old pups. They are Agustus and Nikodemis (or Guss and Nick for short).

Every time I look at any of my three, I am so happy that they are part of my family. Now that my wife and I are retired, we can enjoy them more.

Mike from TN

princess and widdle