Ayyy Mark!!

The finest of Gods blessings to you and to Sprite. And to the rest of your dogs, and family to boot.
I had a little black poodle by the name of Sir Gabriels Trumpet. I called him Honkers for short, because when he was born he was always at the Nipple eating. He would kick the other pups off. Anyway, Honkers was only 10 pounds he was a little guy. I was blessed to have had him for 13 years. We traveled the states and went on many adventures together. He was my greatest friend and pal and always was there for me, to love me NO matter what we were going thru, Honkers was there.

One time, I was in Tahoe, sitting on the deck early Sunday morning. Sitting in my underwear with my coffee cup, little Honkers was sitting next to me. Down the street comes this woman on a horse, little Honkers took off to get the horse. This little dog was doing figure 8s round the hind legs of this horse. This caused the horse to rear up..on two legs and prance as my dog was doing figure eights. There was NO stopping Honkers. I was running thru the woods to get to him screaming “punky poodles, here boy”..dressed in my underwear and t-shirt. Needless to say, the horse owner lady was not happy with me at all, perhaps because I was standing there in my underwear and T-shirt…
I was so blessed with my buddy but towords the end, Honkers was getting older and was in pain. We were having many medical issues. It was time. So on that day, I met my vet at her office, outside by a tree in the back under a tree, to lay him down. As I held him in my arms, kissing him and giving him re-assurance, my vet administered the shot. I have never seen or felt anything so peaceful. Finally, no more medical issues or pain for my Honkers. His passing was soooo peaceful.
Honkers hung round my house for three days. I would come home and hear him jingeling at the door..and now, Honkers comes to me in my dreams. When I kick the bucket, I will have his ashes buried with me. I hold this dog dear and will all my life..many many fond memories for sure.

Mark – Keep going strong. Your the best and you give all inspiration to simply do whats right and to kick some ass if we need to!

My best to you sir!

David from CA