Holiday Wishes

Dear Mark,
I received your book \”Rescuing Sprite\” for Christmas. I LOVED IT! I recently put down my Mother\’s friend of 14 years and it was absolutely the hardest thing in the world! She was with my father 3 years struggling with cancer who passed and kept Mom in \”spirits\” after he was gone. She was well past her years i hear, dalmation, and suffered terribly from arthritis. We knew she would not make another winter as we had to pick her up to go out and she often fell just standing trying to potty.

I recently adopted a retriever from our local shelter and asked Mom if she would \”babysit\”. It was hard on her but it also \”helped\”. Morgan is 6 months and I love her dearly and do not look forward to the day she leaves me. However \”I am\” very lucky for her now and until that day… and as you said… forever after. Thank you for the wonderful sharing of your life. God Bless You and your family!

Amy from IN