All my life in my childhood I dreaded the day I would lose my father. God blessed me with a magnificent maltese dogĀ  about a year before I moved back home due to a job loss, but divine providence was at work. I watched my beloved father\’s health deteriorate and knew it was a matter of time. Those 3 years were the worst of my life but my little dog kept us all laughing and my long visits in the hospital he would lovingly wait in the car, he actually seemed to anticipate my thoughts. My dear father passed on and thank God my dear beloved \”George\” was there to comfort me. I got through the next 5 years with him by my side, until then I lost him too to cancer. The period of agony watching him fight the disease was pure and utter hell but I know now he made me a better person and if he hadn\’t been there by my side for the most difficult struggle of my life I never would have made it. One day at mass tears streaming down my face I saw in my mind a picture of my family who is all in heaven and on their laps was my beloved dog. We must know that these angels from heaven are sent to us to help us and teach us and comfort us sometimes like no human can. Never ever reject the potential love of a dog or any animal because trust that the Lord has put them in your path for a reason.

Margaret from CA