Frosty, Quixote

My Frosty was a rescue dog, but he was so much more. Protector, teacher, friend, and companion to my other rescue dog Quixote.
Frosty had seizures, which we didn’t know about at the time we got him, but it wouldn’t have change the love that I had with Frosty. We shared so many things in his 5 short years. None more than our own language of love with each other. I would put my head near him and softly growl, Frosty returned the growl with one equally soft. At first I thought perhaps he was only following my lead until we were sitting together and I heard this soft growl and looked to see Frosty looking at me. His eyes smiling and his mouth open in a grin. It was then I realized that that was to be our way of sharing love together.
Then came the seizurs that would grip him with a visciousness invented only by the devil himself.
At first they could be controlled with medication but we knew there would be a day that the medication would have to change. Two days ago Frosty began a new round of seizures wich once more I hoped that the medication would bring under control. Unforturnately the seizures became more violent, more intense, and longer and longer with each one. Together we fought them for 24 hours straight. Each time they would come they would leave Frosty in pain and panting heavily. The Vet couldn’t offer much more than to say that they could get him calm but that I would be back soon and often. It wasn’t fair or kind to Frosty to have him live a life like that. I made the hardest decision ever to put him down. It felt like a part of my soul was ripped out of me and God gained the better part. Frosty went quietly in my arms, in fact I didn’t even know when he left for Heaven.
He took my heart with him and an empty void in my life. I love and miss you Frosty.
Karl from CO