Seven years ago I got my daughter a Jack Russell Terrier. We named her Daysie. Like most Jack Russell’s she was an escape artist. We moved to Mo. 3 years ago. My daughter got her own place. Kaleb, my grandson loved her. She always slept with him.
My daughter got a place with out a fence. So she got a large run to put her in.

One morning in April 2007 she put her outside. She was not out for more than 15 minutes. When she went to let her in she was gone. All that was left was her collar., the gate was open Someone had let her out.
We where hearrtbroken.Even though Kaleb was only 3 he would ask about her. We did all the things we could to find her. Posted pictures, called Vet,, pounds, ect..
After a year had passed Kaleb would continue to ask about Daysie.We told him she may have gone to Heaven with Great Grand Papa.

In August on 2008, I went to a potential client’s business. A Pet Store. The owner was behind a large counter and asked me come back. I was talkig to her and her phone rang. While she talked I noticed 3 wooden gates with about 7 to 8 dogs behind each gate. I looked and saw a dog that looked like Daysie, I opened the gate & stared at her. No it can’t be!! I called her and she came to me. Daysie has a severe overbite. I opened her mouth & it looked normal. I put her down and she walked back to where she was, turned around, sat down & looked at me. I looked at her again and said Daysie that is you come here!!! She ran to me. I opened her mouth again and there was the overbite. The owner of the shop was so shocked after I told her how long it had been. She asked me some questions about her. But the overbit did it. She allowed me to take her home. Daysie had been in the Springfield shelter, put on the death list when a rescue person got her. She had her for 8 months and a lady adopted her, but Daysie escaped. The rescue Society took her back. She was at the pet Store for 3 months and no one would adopt her. She is precious!!!
I called my daughter and told her I found Daysie!! I had to pick Kaleb up from school. I had Daysie with me. When he opened the door he say her and said Daysie!!! Nina You found Daysie!!!! Daysie was sooo happy to see him!! They just hugged each other.
When my daughter came to my house she called Daysie and Daysie ran to her. She got on the floor and was properly kissed. It was so amazing. I also have a 12 year old Fox Terrrier. He was so happy to see her, then gave a look that said well where have you been dummy!! And he walked away.
That night I went to the bathroom and Kaleb was there. He was looking up and said Thank You God for bringing Daysie back.
That night Daysie slept with Kaleb,she would not leave him!! She still sleeps with him. We where so blessed to get her back.

I wish I could send you a picture but I don’t know to paste it on here.
We had her chipped the next day.


Pamela from MO