Chase, Chelsea & Cheyenne

My story begins last Nov. when my husband of almost 24 years found out he had non small-cell lung cancer. They gave him 3-6 mos. Of course you can imagine how our world was turned upside down in a matter of a few minutes. We also had 3 Golden Retrievers that my husband absolutely adored. Chase,8 ,Chelsea,4, & Cheyenne,2. We bought them all as 6 week old puppies.

Chase had medical problems his whole life. Mast cell tumors, two of which were removed by surgery, thyroid problems, which he had to take 4 pills a day. They also put him on Benedryl for his allergies, and he also had hip problems. He was a very large dog. He and my husband were inseperable. When my husband passed away last March, I figured Chase would follow soon after. I wasn’t too far off. Three days before Christmas 2008, I found out Chase had bone cancer and it was only a matter of time.He had been limping badly and I could see it in his eyes he was not well. I got him pain pills because I couldn’t bear to do anything until after Christmas. It was bad enough that this was my first Christmas without my husband, I couldn’t bear the thought of putting my baby to sleep right at that time. But I knew I couldn’t let my baby suffer.

It was Monday Jan. 12 that I decided would be the day. I, too, like Mark & his wife, was struggling with taking him. I cried out to God to please let me know that I was doing the right thing.I went over to my sterio to put on some Chriatian music,which always bring me peace,and I looked down to where my husband had put some books he had received after he found out about the cancer. Low & behold, thete was Rescuing Sprite. I picked it up and started reading through and I found my answer from God.

I, too am grieving for my Chasey, but I know he is with my husband in heaven and he isn’t in any more pain. I just wanted to thank you Mark for writing the book. You said that you almost didn’t and you didn’t think people would want to read about your dog. You couldn’t have been more wrong. Your book let me know that I was doing the right thing even though it is the hardest thing you will ever experience. But we gave Chase the best life we could while he was with us.I have that to hold onto plus I know he and my husband are together again. Thank you Mark & family. You truly are a gift from God to me.

Deb from OH