Chad #10 and Dandie the beautiful princess, the best friends we never had.

It was december 28 2006, just two months after Daniel and I got married, when Chad #10 (yes, we’re big NY Jets fans!) came into our lives.
I had been wanting a dog for a long time as I had lost my best friend Nuvola and the void was simply to painful and big to deal with. I love the presence of a dog in my life. The joyful greeting I ALWAYS get at the door, the moments of playtime we share, the tears that are dried on their fur as they listen to my soppy stories- no one can say that these events alone do not spur a beautiful relationship with the four-legged creature.
Hence, after months of looking for the perfect companion, we finally found him. He was part of a duo of Miniature Schnauzers that were posted on www.puppyfind.com. I admit, this is not a good way of finding the next best pet as it supports backyard breeding and puppy mills, but this was our first time getting what we thought to be a purebred dog.
The moment I saw his beautiful face on that picture I could not resist wanting him. It didn’t take much to convince my husband to go get him (the lady that had the two Schnauzers was in Brooklyn). He too liked him immediately. So, after a few phone calls to her, Daniel went to pick him up. It was 6 am when he got into the car and drove to Brooklyn from Holbrook.
I had to go to work that day, so I had to wait until the end of my shift to meet him.
Daniel tells me that from the moment he arrived to the lady’s house, the bigger of the two Schnauzers did not want to leave his side, almost to say, “Ok now, take me home!” And that’s what he did.
Since the first day, Chad and Daniel have been inseparable. They both enjoy the same activities. From running for hours (regardless of the weather!) to swimming to playing football together.
Honestly, I sometimes joke that between the two, I don’t think there is any room left for me in there. But I love it. My husband is a kid again with Chad and Chad simply loves it!
He loves Daniel, and I can almost say that he loves him a bit more than he does me (nothing wrong with that). Every morning I wake up to Chad being wrapped around Daniel.
Although Chad was very content to be around Daniel, he was still lonely. Chad wanted a play companion, and that’s what he got on April 27th 2007.
My mother and I went to a local shelter, North Shore Animal League, to find a soul to save. That’s when we first caught eyes. She was BEAUTIFUL! Those cristal clear eyes with some brown dots in them, that gorgeous spotted fur….I just could not resist her! So, we went to the clerk there and told her that she was ours. After filling out paper work, and a background check, this sweet little puppy came home with us. Dandie, as I called her, was only 2 months old.
Oh boy, as soon as Chad and Dandie met they became BESTEST BEST friends. Although what I am about to say might sound cruel, it actually is not. Chad would open his mouth and playfully put Dandie’s head into his mouth. At that time he could, but now he can’t. I love to see the two play, it is sweet and brings joy to my heat. Chad has a weird way of playing with Dandie, and vice versa. They love to play fight and make lots of noises. From a far, one may think I have a dog fighting rink in my backyard, but it’s just Chad and Dandie playing.
Now my life is complete. I thank God everyday for these three blessings in my life, my sweet as honey husband and my two little babies.
I could not, and would not, want to imagine my life without a fur-baby in it.They fill our lives with meaning and unforgettable moments, and for that they deserve respect and unconditional love in return.
Francesca and Daniel from NY