I spoke with my sister in Florida recently, and just loved this story she told me about her church: “I attend a Catholic church here in Florida. Our priest has a beautiful yellow Lab, Bridget. She greets all the people as they come in the church and then waits in the vestibule for Mass to be over. As the congregation is singing the last hymn, she comes in and goes up to the priest, who motions for her to sit, so she turns around and sits. When Mass is over, the priest bows toward the altar. Bridget then gets up and the priest hands her the hymnal; Bridget preceeds the priest down the aisle carrying the hymnal. It is so cute to see.”

My sister also said there are a number of “snow birds” that attend Mass there. Recently, when a few left before Mass was over, Bridget thought Mass was over and proceeded up the aisle, expecting to be given the hymnal!!!!

Carlie from MO