I was shocked this past Friday when my 9 year old Ridgeback, Zoe, developed severe vaginal bleeding. After three vet and emergency visits we are still scheduling an ultrasound. We suspect kidney mass and will have to make the sad decision based on budget as to how we proceed. This is crushing. I just told her how lucky we were that she was so healthy. Zoe is the perfect dog. You check when she barks, she is protective yet the sweetest personality. Never a meaan act.

She is a food thief and I swear she can make a sandwhich on her own. Then she retreats to one of about six sleeping spots, depending on the sunshine in that room or time of day.

We are praying that the surgery will fall within our means, economy and all, but surgery is necessary.

Zoe gets walked about 2 miles most every day and looks to be in peak health, except for a little grey. Hey, who am I to judge?

We have taken her on numerous vacations and she enjoys the beach. She loves to run and there is nothing more beautifuk than her running across a soccer field or two.

One funny memory is of here chasing four baby armadillos. She could not grasp them but chased them pinging them back and forth like little tennis balls.

Thanks for letting me tell you a little.

Dale from TX