Trouble the Housecat

Dear Mark,

Just wanted to write because I knew you’d understand. I was in real estate, my wife an interior designer. We’ve lived here in southwest Florida for 25 years. We lost our income, our home and cars but we still had our children (grown) and our pets. We’ve had a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, turtle and ferret over the years.

One of my sons rescued an American short hair cat whose owner was going into hospice. Trouble the Housecat won us all over, even his fellow housecats. He came to live with us a couple of years ago when he got sick the first time. We nursed him back to health though he had ongoing problems with his balance. He had a couple of other bouts but always seemed to rebound.

This last Monday we found him laying in a corner instead of hovering around the food dish. Thinking he was just having another episode we made him comfortable and spoon fed him. He didn’t rebound this time. This morning when I got out of bed (his was next to mine) I noticed he seemed to be in pain. He crawled out of his bed to get to me. I wrapped him in a towel and held him for about an hour. He passed away and I’m getting ready to put him under a pine tree in our yard.

We’ve got lots of pet stories to tell. Most of them great but mixed in there are the “passing ons”. It doesn’t make it any easier because each one is so unique. Trouble the Housecat was one of a kind. Thanks for “listening”.

David from FL