To Mark With Love:

I believe that there are people who have pets, and then there are people who truly and deeply love animals.

For those of us in the latter group, the grief is much deeper and the pain much greater when we lose a beloved pet. Yet, the joy we experience and the love we are able to give and receive from these innocent and grateful creatures is on a much higher level than what mere pet owners can know. And, it is well worth the cost we must someday bear.

It is God who puts love into these precious animals, and enables them to give it so selflessly to us. Surely, no creature who has been blessed to give and receive God’s love will ever truly cease to exist.

God who loves his creation so much must surely love our pets even more than we could love them ourselves. The flowers and the mountains and the rushing streams are beautiful, but they cannot love. Certain groups of animals can.

I believe that Sprite is in a magnificent place with God, where you will someday find him again.

I love your big heart. I look forward to reading your book.

God bless and keep you.

Patricia from LA