Three German Shepherds

Just finished reading \”Rescuing Sprite\”, and, after drying my tears and wiping my nose, I decided to look you up to tell you how much your story touched me.

We have German shepherds, three of them currently, and have lost three in less than four months just three years ago.

No, Mr Levin, you never get over grieving for your dogs.    How can you not miss that unconditional love?  New dogs may come into your life, and you will love them, and they inturn will love you, but a day won\’t go by that you aren\’t reminded of the uniquenes that each dog is.  They all have their own personalities, quirks and habits—these are what make each one an individual.

When we have to let them go, be it naturally or with help, we will face the guilty thought \”what if?\”  The truth is, we will never know the answer.  The real truth is, the dogs who have passed loved us with such abandon that they would never ask \”what if?\”

Did you rescue Sprite, or did he rescue you?  I know, without a doubt, that my dogs have rescued me, and continue to do it on a daily basis.  Had a bad day at work?  Come home and greet those grinning faces and wriggling bodies.

Love your dogs, both past and present, Mr Levin.

Dorothy from GA