The Pain of Losing a Pet

I had to put down my 12 year old Golden Retriever down today. He has been my kids and my best friend and protector for all those years. He would hand my 3 month old her binky back when she dropped it. She is now 7 and he was her best friend that slept in her room every night. We are all devastated. He was very unhealthy, and I felt he had gotten miserable, but I could tell he wanted to hang on to be with my girls and my husband and me. I thought I had prepared for the inevitable, but I had not. Can anyone really prepare to lose a family member?

Our other dog Brody is walking from room to room looking for him. How do you explain to a dog, that his buddy will not be coming home? How do you console a 19 year old, a 7 year old and your own heart? I walked out of that room at the vets and left my baby on a cold tile floor alone. I feel as though somehow I have betrayed him and he will never forgive me. How does anyone get past having to put a family member down? How does anyone live with themselves when you made the decision to end your beloved dogs life? In my head I know it needed to be done. He was miserable. We can tell ourselves every logical reason for making what is called a “human” decision. The “right thing to do”, but it doesn’t make us feel like any less of a betrayer.

I came here because I knew that the people who post on here know the kind of love one has for ones pet. I know anyone who reads this will understand the depth of my heartache. Does the pain ever go away? I am going to buy rescuing sprite. I hope that it will help my heart heal. I have requested his ashes, and I will keep them in a very special place, and close to my heart.

Diane from TX