Stewie. Let me tell you about my friend, Stewie. He is small of stature, big of heart and a good boy.
We hadnt had a dog for about 4 years. Our other dog Gracie was a peke of ill temper. She was seven when we got her and lived the rest of her life with us. But she was an old lady dog and not really happy when my sons came along. So when she passed on, we said no more dogs till the boys are older.
Flash forward to Sept of 2008. We were on our way to the local pet/fish store to buy another Angel Fish. On the way we stopped for lunch and next door was a pet food store that was having an adoption day. With much trepidation, we walked by knowing the boys would want to stop. \”Oh lets go look\” , I said. \”We\’re not getting a dog, we can look\” Okay stop snickering.

We walked in the door and in the cage on the right hand side was a little black and white peke. My husband walked over and  looked down, and the rest as they say, is history.
He came home with us to stay. We found out he was originally from So. Carolina. So I called the number on his Rabies tag and told them I had him. First there was silence, then I heard the person on the other end say to her co-worker \”She\’s got Oodle\” Well, Stewie to you and I. But I went on to tell her how we got him and where he would be living now and that he had two little boys that adore him and play with him all the time.
He is such a different peke than Gracie. He is only two years old and loves to jump and play with the boys and did I mention he keeps my feet warm? He\’s a good boy.

Recently, we went on a vacation to Disney World. My neice house sat for us and when we spoke with her, she said he was a little depressed. By the end of the trip, all any of us could talk about was how we missed Stewie.
When we got home, we got the welcome of all welcomes. He shook his little body and wagged his tail. Came and jumped on each of us, and made sure we all knew how much he missed us.
So that\’s my Stewie. As I write, he is sitting on my feet. Keeping me warm.
He\’s a good boy.

Fran from NJ