Hi Mark,

Last year, I wrote my heartwrenching story of losing my miniature poodle, Rush Limbark, at age 18…he passed away at home, and my husband and myself were devastated. I wrote to you personally about how hard my husband was taking it, and you were gracious enough to write back.
I wanted to let you know that earlier this year, some purebred German Shepherds were removed from a home that was neglecting them…a pair of grown dogs, and several puppies. All of the dogs were in bad shape, but due to the magnificent work of our local ASPCA, they were saved. On the Friday before Mother’s Day, my sweet husband brought home one of the male puppies from this desperate family of dogs…He was a sweet, 6 week old puppy, needing a lot of extra care….happily, he is a 9 month old puppy, weighing 80 lbs,and happily chasing our two cats around the house, who actually love him dearly, and eat out of his bowl with him. His name is Stefan, but his nickname is “Snookums”.

He is the sweetest tempered dog I’ve ever known, and our vet loves him to pieces.

By letting my husband grieve, and not putting a time limit on either of us grieving, we were able to accept this needy little puppy into our home, and to love him as equally as we love our other pets. We will never forget Rush…in fact, my husband made a marker for his grave in our backyard…and it’s been quite a change from going from a dog that weighed about 15 lbs, to one that weighs 80 lbs at last count!

He is the love of our lives, and I can’t thank you enough for your sweet and caring personal note to me, when I was grieving so badly from the loss of Rush.

Thank you so much for all you do…and have done for our family.

Soon, Stefan will begin his training, a bit later than usual for a dog his size, but because of the special care he needled because of low weight, and the bad conditions he was living in, it was necessary to wait. Even though there are many things he needs to learn, he has learned so much just from the loving home he has now. I am disabled, and he has learned not to jump on me…in fact, he treats me as if I were made of cut glass! On the other hand, he jumps and leaps all over my husband, and during the summer, he learned to grab the hose from my husband, and chase him around the yard, spraying him and then giving it back so my husband could chase and spray HIM….

It’s been a loving, growing relationship, and our two cats learned early to treat the little sick puppy with special care…urging him to eat, by teasing him, and then gently cleaning him like his mother would have. They slept with him to keep him extra warm, and he loves them like small brothers and sisters….

Thank you, thank you, thank you….we have a special dog to love, an extra family member who loves us unconditionally, and we know we have saved a lovely life that otherwise might have been lost due to neglect.

We love him, and Stefan sends his best to you, for helping someone to save his life, because of you.

Barks, licks, and hugs….

Gabrielle and Salvador from CA