Smokey, Magic

You should read Yorkie Doodle Dandy by Wm. Wynne. It’s the story about Smokey the World War II dog hero. Smokey is a 4lb. female yorkie. I have a 4lb. Yorkie named Indy. My last Yorkie lived to be 18 yrs. I belong to the No. CA Yorkie Club.

One of the members has four Yorkies. Magic is her show dog, and he saved her life.
She is diabetic. One morning she did not wake up. She was giong into a coma. He jumped up on the bed and kept licking and scratching her and she kept trying to fight him off. He did not stop, and finally she fell out of bed. That woke her up enough to realize she was in trouble. She then crawled to the refrigerator and got the orange juice and then woke up. Magic is a real hero. He was trained to do what he did. He just knew. I read Rescuing Sprite and really enjoyed it.


Donna from CA