We had the most amazing Sheltie! Her name was Shasta. We got her from my brother when she was only a few months old. We had helped him choose the puppy a few weeks earlier. He called one day to ask if we wanted the dog because it was too stupid and untrainable. Within a few days, I knew who the stupid one was!

We took the puppy home and within a few hours had her sitting and laying down on command. After a few weeks she was perfectly trained and turned in to the smartest dog I had ever seen. When we would straighten up the house and collect her multitude of toys, we would place them in a paper grocery bag. We could ask her to go and retrieve any of her toys by name and she would do it. Her head would disappear in the bag and thrash around and before long she would proudly drop that toy at our feet.

We had friends and relatives who were amazed by her and frankly, would come to see the dog and not us.

She lived to the old age of 15 when we finally had to put her to sleep. It broke our hearts to make that final decision but knew it had to be done. I hurt so bad I swore I would never get another dog. 10 days later I went to the pound “just to look” and returned home with a sweet mut that had already been rejected twice and would have been put down shorlty. We have had her for about 8 years and we still marvel at how sweet and well behaved she is. How others could have abused her and rejected her I will never know.

Thanks for all you do Mr. Levin!

Mark from NV