Just finished reading Rescuing Sprite, what an amazing story.  I volunteer at a local shelter, & when we get an older dog in, we all think ..Poor thing, it will hard to find a home.  But, usually we are wrong..because there\’s always some wonderful person who wants to make that dog\’s last years warm, loving, and worth living.  We are a no-kill shelter, so there are some dogs we have quite a while..we just adopted a dog we had for a year!  And as you expressed about both Sprite & Griffen., these dogs are wonderful, trained and just want to love someone.  & why aren\’t their families looking for them.

I fostered a 4 month old puppy in May 2008 w/ a broken leg, I couldn\’t give him up, so Scooter is part of my family now.  He\’s 10 months old, and was quite concerned w/ my tears while reading your book.  Thanks for expressing what I see everyday.  When I placed a dog into a home, I am thrilled to see the dog know he/she is \”home\” and the love in those people\’s hearts.  Sometimes, the shelter consumes me, but I love every  minute and wish I didn\’t have to work so I could be there everyday.  Thanks for a very special story!!!!

Debby from OH