Samson, Ruby, Mickey

Hi Mark
Just finished your book and it brought back so many memories for me as way way back when I was 18 (am now 41) our family dog was put down. He was a beautfiul Italian Greyhound named Samson and I was just 12/13 when he came into my life. I was not the happiest teenager like many others I am sure (still trying to find their place in the world etc and to belong), but with Samson I belonged. He was my best friend and it absolutely broke my heart when he was put down.

It took me over 20 years to get over him and that was only by rescuing Ruby my little Jack Russell / Greyhound Cross who I rescued from the SPCA in South Africa where I am now living (she was only 12 weeks and will be 2 in January).

A year later I rescued Mickey a beautiful Fox Terrier also from the SPCA. I have attached a pic. They are truly my children and I do not see them as ddogs but as little people. Their hearts are bigger than any person I have yet to meet. They have taught me to be a better person and everday I am grateful for them and tell them so. Ruby is my little angel and Mickey is my hero and I thank them for choosing me.

Claire from South Africa