Pounder was my nearly sixteen year old Miniature Schnauzer. She got her name after a visit to the vet when she was six months old. She never responded to her name we gave her “Schnicker ” after the German cookie. The vet said she was a pound overweight. My ex-wife said “oh, she’s a pounder!”. Her ears perked up, ergo Pounder she was ever after. She was my constant companion everyday of my life.

She saw me through a messy divorce, handicaps and disability. She was always by my side and even though she suffered through infirmity and heart problems as many Schnauzers do, she was always happy. It was heartbreaking to see her decline and she let me know it was time to let her go. On St. Patrick’s Day I had her put down. She took it like a champ. I have her cremains and picture and collar on my bookshelf by the front door. I still talk to her everyday and let her know when I’m coming and going.

This will be the first Christmas without her in sixteen years. God, how I miss her! But Rescuing Sprite has really helped me to put it in perspective. May God keep and bless you Mr. Levin.
Thank you,

Reid from CA