Osso, Cassidy

Today is two years and a day since we lost our precious dog Osso and our sweet cat Cassidy; both on the same day. Osso was a wonderful 14-year-old shepherd mix, who had been adopted from a shelter before my husband and I were married. He saw us through a wedding, the birth of two children, the loss of three cats and the addition of one, all of whom he grew to watch over. He never had a bad word for anyone.

When someone came to the house, he immediately assumed they were there to play with him. It doesn’t seem possible it can be two years ago that we had to say goodbye to both of them on the same day. I have since found a new vet for our current dog and two cats–not for any reason other than I can’t stand the thought of returning to that place again. I’m in the midst of reading Rescuing Sprite, and am almost afraid to finish it, because I know the ultimate end. Our Osso had the softest ears and the most patient disposition. I was always amazed by his patience when our gilrs were little.

How is it that we deserve to be loved by these wondeful creatures? I don’t think we are; somehow they come to bless us. I think of “Osso happy” as our vet called him every day, and will say a prayer for Sprite and Osso to meet us at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for your wonderful book, and for the life you gave Spritey.

Kathryn from ME