My Mom

On Tuesday last week, my Mom was overrun by democats.

She went out of the back door – heading to get the newspaper – and lo and behold. . .

From a small doghouse near the back door, there was a rash of fleeing democats of the feline variety.  She described them as looking like the clowns pouring our of a VW at a circus.

My Mom was so shocked she couldn\’t get a full count – but it seems to be four – apparently a mother and three almost grown kittens.

Mom is grey and white calico, two of the kids are grey and white calico with orange highlights, and one of the kids is orange.  Looks like the traveling salescat must have been orange.

Needless to say, just like democrats, the kids started asking to be fed.  The Mother democat is pretty ferile and fled to the garage – where she hides under the car – coming out to eat when the Republican isn\’t looking.

Well, my Mom is a pushover for feline democats (and canine demodogs) so she fed them.  She\’ll eventually get (some of) them turned over to animal rescue – but right now she\’s afraid that they have fleas and worms and need all sorts of shots.

They all look to be pretty healthy – and they should do some worthwhile housework catching mice (at least one or two of them).

After two nights, when it got AWFUL cold, Mom felt sorry for them.  Not sorry enough to bring them (and their fleas) into the house but enough to open the front porch door a crack and put an old dog bed on the porch table.  The porch isn\’t heated, but it is enclosed and does not freeze.

One of the demokittens (the orange one) promptly found the dog bed, climbed in, and went to sleep (where he/she spent the day until hunger pangs struck).  Then after eating, the demokitten went right back to sleep.  And seemed to sleep there all night.

There was plenty of room but none of the other democats joined \”orange\” in the dog bed. One sat on the table looking in at brother/sister but wasn\’t brave enough to lie down.  The dog bed probably smells like mom\’s dogs (even after years of not being used by dogs)!

I\’m sure that the dog bed was softer (and warmer) than straw in an outside doghouse.

Pete from VA