Little Forgotten Friends

Hello Mark,
My name is Maria LaRocca and I am the founder of Little Forgotten Friends Rescue and Hospice.  This rescue has anywhere between 60-90 dogs at a time. None of them are caged, they roam freely through my home with every amenity I could possibly give them.  There are 40 permanent pooches here, some are terminally ill, others are aggressive with no chance of adoption and some are simply just old.  I treat my dogs both conventionally as well as holsitically, because I always try to have hope that I can help a dog that the world has given up on.

My heart leans towards the old timers who would have been euthanised had I not brought them here.  There is something so beyond special about senior dogs who\’s spirit was broken as they were dragged to a shelter for what was about to be their final day.  Sometimes I bring them here knowing they WONT survive, that no matter what measures I take they still wont live longer then a few days or weeks.  I take them here to die with dignity as I believe they all desrve.  The  comfort of a pillow and warm food in their belly sometimes you can provide a dog with more love in their last few days then they have been given through their entire life.  I could sit and write pages of what goes on here but, the truth is you need to see it to believe it….and I very much would welcome you to see this rescue as well as the work that it done here.  Come see for yourself what the world has turned their back on as well as the loving eyes and beautiful souls of the dogs who are hoping for a home all their own.

Why would you want to come here, I\’m nobody special, just your average woman, living one day at a time but, you want to come here because the dogs ARE special and people need to know this rescue is here and that these beautiful small breed dogs need homes!  I would be forever grateful to get a response from you in hopes that more people would realize how many dogs here are waiting for them….Please feel free to visit my website: www.adoptLFFR.com

Gratefully, Maria from NY