Dear Mark Levin,

All the emotion rushed to my heart. The dog I’ve known almost forever is gone, and I don’t know how or why. Knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it made the pain more intense. Reading Rescuing Sprite helped me get through Jake’s death.

I knew Jake best. It was like Jake had an extra sense: The sense of being able to tell how I feel. When I got angry, Jake would come up to me. He would sit and lay his head on me. That always helped me calm down.

We went through good times with our dogs. We also had to go through some hard times. Both our dogs had severe arthritis, which prevented them from moving. We both weren’t prepared to see them go.

My family got 2 new dogs. They were so cute. I had to give them more attention. Jake always looked depressed, but I pretended not to notice. Then the day came. My mom bursted through the door crying. That is when I knew it was Jake. The dog I’d known almost forever was gone. I didn’t give him attention on his last days.

I felt like I had committed murder. It seemed like it was my fault that Jake died. He could’ve died from stress. Stress I brought upon him. There is no way to replace Jake. We adopted him after an earthquake. His owner’s house was torn apart, and had no where to keep him. We rescued him like you rescued Sprite.

When I realized that Jake’s death was maybe my fault, I felt horrible. I spent nights crying my eyes out. I acted as if I was talking to Jake. I told him that I was sorry. I told him what I did was wrong, but it did not bring Jake back.

Reading your book Rescuing Sprite helped me get through Jake’s death, by knowing that someone else went through almost the exact situation I did. You described the whole story so vividly that I felt like I was in the scene. I still feel a deep loss, but your book helped ease the pain. Thank you for writing Rescuing Sprite. It gave me the courage to talk about what happened, and it helped me to get through my pain.

Mikayla from WA