Gumbo was the best little dog in the world. Oh I have had many other dogs and loved each of them for their own special attributes, but Gumbo came into the world with those bright little eyes that never left me! ME the center of his little world! He was never bad, I never had to scold him…to this day I swear he understood English. I enjoyed his company for a wonderful 14 years! He and his mother, Mrs. P went everywhere with us, they loved to travel. I used to sing a song to him…”He’s a travelin’ dog, been around the world, a time or two!” We lost him June after a long bought with heart disease due to his advanced age! His favorite thing in the whole wide world was a balloon! He would show me what drawer they were in and bark like mad while I blew it up! He would bounce it all around and when it would break he would come back and ask for another! He ws a wonderful part of my life, he was my little GumChumBuddyBoy!!
I miss him!

Maggie from FL