Gumbo, Boodan and Dewey

Dear Mark, I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite and it was a great book.  Your pets, and Sprite, know they are loved and you gave Sprite the best years of his life…It\’s harder for the older dogs at the shelters to find homes, I know you  didn\’t know he was that old at the time, but in the grand scheme of things YOU and your family were the ones that had to be there for Sprite!  You just keep on loving Pepsi and Griffen and keep Sprite in your memory!

I have already told you about Gumbo, Boodan and Dewey and I have lots more stories to share in the future!  I alway tell people that are looking into getting a pet to go to the local shelters because there are so many animals looking for a good home, both purebred and mixed breeds!!  My dad is the one that taught me to go to the shelters when looking for a new companion and I have done so numerous times over the years!

One more thing I tell people, like Bob Barker always says \”Have your pets spayed an neutered!\”  You have a good day Mark – Pepsi and Griffen are waiting at the door for you!!  ;-}
I\’m also a fan of your radio show, listen most evenings!

Maggie from FL