My dog Gina is a rescue dog that my wife and I found 2 years ago. She was 10 years old at the time and was not doing very well. She had been dropped off at the shelter by someone who found her roaming the streets of Denver. She was very skinny and had problems with her legs that made it difficult for her her to walk and go up and down stairs. She was very sweet in spite of all she had been through and we just had to give her a good home for what ever time she had left. When we got her home it took sometime for her to adjust to the other dogs in the family and there were some fights but after a few months of taking care of her she began to improve a lot. Her limp is almost completely gone and she loves going to the park. She is just one of millions of shelter dogs out there that deserve good homes and it is amazing what a little patience and love will do to help these wonderful dogs get a new lease on life.

Morgan from CO