Gilay “Little Boompers” Peterson

In Loving Memory,

Gilay “Little Boompers” Peterson

Born: Oct 30, 1994
Died: Nov 20, 2007

My Puppy, My Soul Mate, My Muse…..

The BEST Puppy ever? For Me She ABSOLUTELY was!
So strong was the bond between us, that I would occasionally refer to Her as “The Female Bulldog version of Me” (a little bit of an insult to Her, but She didn’t seem to mind), and myself as “The Male Human version of Her” …..If only I was as tough, as gentle, as sweet, as strong willed and patient as Her.

She taught Me that instinct almost always trumps intellect.
She reminded Me that our relationships are what really matter in life.

She entertained me, comforted me & helped me stay (relatively) sane.

Thank You Gilay! I Love You & miss You more than words can express.

Dave from PA