Hi Mark, We just returned from the vet’s office where I stood & scratched Ernie’s head while the overdose of sedative took his life. We acquired him in June of 1998 from the local dog shelter. He grew to a 90 pound Australian Shepherd with a beautiful blue merle coat & was the most excellent dog my husband & I have ever had anything to do with. However, he was diagnosed with liver cancer about 3-4 months ago & the doctor told us he would get very sick just before he died & that we should consider putting him to sleep at that time.

Well that time arrived ALL to quickly. He has left a big hole in our hearts & even our other Aussie, Gypsy, (was also a used dog) is looking for him as I write. We had taken him to the vet this past Monday (my birthday) when he lanced a tumor on Ernie’s stomach, drained it, sent us home with pills & ointment & with the hope that he might get better. No, he got worse & we couldn’t stand to see him suffer any longer. Although I bought your book (I’m the reader in the family) awhile back, I haven’t had the “courage” to read it. Does that make any sense? But I think I will be able to read it now, as I’ve heard many callers on your program talk about how comforting it is.

Before I even open it I want to thank you for it & for sharing your love of animals this way. May God bless you & yours. Delight P.S. My only pictures of him are not electronic files, but old fashioned photographs. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that he was a very handsome animal & quite the gentleman. Thanks for everything you do & love you lots.

C. Delight from MO