Dundee, Bonnie

I first want to thank you for writing your story about Sprite.  I have buried 2 Collies that were my children.  My male Dundee had seizures and took medication every day.  I had him put to sleep in my arms in my home while Bonnie my female watched.  It was a very traumatic time for both Bonnie and I.  She wouldn\’t go in the backyard where I buried Dundee under his favorite tree for about 2 months.  I finally coaxed her out there and then it was hard for her to leave.  She mourned his loss as much as I did.

I too like you poured my love to her.  I had her for another 6 years when she finally succumbed to a 2nd stroke.  I rehabed her thru her 1st one while I was rehabing myself after Hip replacement surgery.  Her 2nd one occured a year later while I was undergoing radiation therapy for anal cancer.  She too died in my arms and is buried next to her beloved friend Dundee.

She died on October 23, 2005.  I waited until January and found a sheltie in Gainesville.  He was the runt and no one wanted him.  He was born on the Friday before Bonnie died ( the 15th).  I brought him home, I had too he looked just like my Dundee.  BTW he has his characteristics.

I met my future husband the end of January and he had a Black Lab Sadie.  The two bonded immediately and became inseperable.  To this day they are together all of the time.  In the meantime we found 2 Chihuahuas that were abandoned in our neighborhood.  One is old and nearly blind with bad teeth (he is Brad\’s favorite) and we guess his son, we have no idea.  They have been a part of our home for a year and a half now.  A house full of dogs I guess you could say that we rent from the dogs.  They all get along despite the testosterone.

I just wanted you to know how much your story touched my life.  Thank you again for sharing Sprite and Pepsi.  How is Griffin doing?

Sally from GA